Shared Services

What do we do

To standardized the divisions as follows:-
Facilities and Administration, Finance, Corporate Services, Human Resources and IT Management

Shared Services is a business model that consolidates the professional and administrative support functions of affiliated entities such as Finance, Human Resource, IT, Corporate Services, and Administration & Facilities Management. The key objective of the business is to create value through quality services and  operational efficiency from the standardization of processes as well as consolidation of resources within the participating entities.


What we aspire to achieve


Process consolidation and automation through enabling technology to drive quality and reliable services to all participating entities.

Cost Saving

Delivery of integrated support services at a competitive price from the cost advantages of economies of scale.

Best Practices

Standardization and implementation of best practices ensures good governance practices, effective internal control and compliance.

Other benefits of the shared services business model

The shared services model liberates customers’ resources by transferring operational tasks that are not directly linked to their core business strategies or revenue generating activities. Entities adopting the outsourcing model can rely on data analysed and information shared for a more informed decision-making and action.