The team provides technical and financial advisory services to support the affiliates’ strategic planning and decision-making process.


The team provides a full range of corporate secretarial services to affiliates and ensure its compliance with Companies Act 2016 and best practices of Corporate Governance.



The team provides comprehensive HR services to its affiliates and is also responsible in developing and harmonising the relationship amongst affiliates.


The team provides IT services to its affiliates in the areas of IT support and maintenance of systems, and work in collaboration with the users in managing IT projects.


The team provides facility management, general administration and tender secretariat services in support of affiliates business.
We provide accounting services in the areas of financial planning and reporting, risks and internal controls, statutory audit, tax and compliance.
Management of the affiliates’ corporate secretarial strategies.
Management of HR services in the areas of talent acquisition and training.
Management of IT services in the areas of systems support and maintenance, and IT project management.
We provide facility management, general administration and tender secretariat duties services.


The AICB Building project is a strategic initiative spearheaded by the financial services industry with strong support from the Central Bank of Malaysia.

The intent of AICB Building is to base the various affiliate institutions currently responsible for the financial sector talent development under a single world-class facility thereby creating operational synergies as well as promoting a multi-disciplinary approach to research and thought leadership.

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