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Please get an overview of some of the jobs that are available and explore the opportunities of working with our best talent and contributing to the success of the company and affiliates.

Current Vacancies:

1. Senior Executive, Investment

2. Senior Executive / Assistant Manager, Risk and Compliance

DIVISION : Investment
JOB TITLE : Senior Executive
REPORTS TO : Senior Manager
ROLE SUMMARY : This position is primarily responsible for daily processing of all fixed income trades, which includes monitoring and supervising the accuracy of each trade details and the efficiency of accounts payables/receivables operations, and accurate reporting.  The role also includes periodic performance reporting and compliance for both internally and externally managed investments, maintaining accurate and complete records, optimising internal processes, and building lasting relationships with internal and external stakeholders to realise the vision of the organisation.

Financial Perspective:

  • Long-term financial sustainability: Positive EBITDA

Processing Trades

  • Monitor and supervise the full spectrum of processing of all fixed income trades according to the Operating Manual and the related accounting functions.
  • Ensure accuracy in trade details prior to issuing settlement instruction letters to Trustee/Custodian
  • Ensure all instructions letters are issued and sent out to Trustee/Custodian within the stipulated time and period as indicated by Trustee/Custodian to avoid fail trade.
  • Update Senior Manager on the daily availability of cash for investments.
  • Ensure a minimum daily cash balance i.e. < RM50K in cash balances and avoid negative balances in the account.
  • Monitor and ensure all trade processes are completed before the end of each day.
  • Perform day-to-day financial transactions, including placements of deposits, confirmation and processing of trades, classifying accounts, posting entries, and recording accounts receivable and payable data.

Managing Record Internal Investments

  • Ensuring all reporting details are accurate.
  • Input trade details of fixed income and bond daily into Excel spreadsheets and the system.
  • Update daily and monthly fixed income and bond portfolio holdings, details and valuations.
  • Update interest income receivables and fixed income maturity profiles for cash flow analysis.
  • Perform daily investment compliance report in accordance with the Investment Guidelines and Parameters.
  • Generate monthly and quarterly portfolio return on investment (ROI and TWRR) reports.
  • Monthly reconciliation with custodian on investment securities holdings and monthly fee charges
  • Perform Bank statement reconciliation.
  • Reconcile the accounts receivable ledger to ensure that all payments are accounted for and properly posted.
  • Maintain a vendor database with up-to-date information and details.
  • Resolve erroneous payments and double deductions in accordance with established procedures and accounting entries.

Managing Record Investments by External Fund Managers (EFM)

  • Compile daily trade records from appointed External Fund Managers
  • Perform daily and end-of-month checks on EFM’s investment compliance in accordance with and as stipulated in the respective EFM’s Investment Management Agreement (IMA).
  • Compile monthly and quarterly EFM’s portfolio valuation reports.
  • Perform monthly, quarterly and YTD portfolio return on investment (ROI and TWRR) of EFMs.
  • Perform monthly, quarterly and YTD overall performance scoring and ranking of EFMs.
  • Verify and investigate account discrepancies by obtaining relevant information from trade records, custodian records, business units, and EFMs.

Periodical Reports Requirement

  • Perform full monthly, quarterly and annual valuation reports on investments.
  • Assist Senior Manager in monthly, quarterly and YTD investment performance analysis for Investment Committee Meetings.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and YTD performance reports of EFMs for Investment Committee Meetings.
  • Perform monthly, investment compliance reports of internal investments and EFMs in accordance with the Investment Guidelines and Parameters and as stipulated in EFM’s respective IMAs.


  • Manage cash flow, placement of funds and bank accounts to ensure sufficient funding and current account balances are maintained at an optimum level (i.e., no idle cash).
  • Recommend, develop and implement solutions for continuous process improvement and implementation.
  • Oversee operations in terms of data management and system interface.

No. of direct report: 1

No. of subordinate:

  • Ensuring trade records’ accuracy is crucial as errors can lead to significant financial losses.
  • Efficient organization and time management skills are required for managing large volumes of trade data effectively.
  • Maintaining data confidentiality and security is essential to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access and leakages.
  • Ability to establish relationships, networks, and partnerships with stakeholders to ensure efficiency and cooperation at a higher level.
  • Ability to work under pressure in meeting strict deadlines and beyond office hours when required.


Internal :

  • General Manager

External :

  • Financial Institutions
  • Auditors
  • LHDN
  • RMCD


  • Functional

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Data-entry and data evaluation skills

Report writing skills

Proficient in MS Office and Excel


  • Experience in accounting and audit related functions (> 3 years)
  • Familiar with accounting standards, business law and tax regulation
  • Organisation and prioritisation skill
  • Meticulous and analytical
  • Ability to complete work with minimal supervision
  • Enthusiastic for career progression
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Proactive and result driven


  • Bachelor’s degree or professional certification in Accounting / Financial Management
  • Experience working in Investment Department of an Insurance Company or Asset Management Company is considered an added advantage.

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DIVISION : Risk and Compliance
JOB TITLE : Senior Executive / Assistant Manager
REPORTS TO : Head of Operations

1.      Perform risks activities including proactive monitoring, report on existing and residual risks with its mitigated plans for the shared services and building management business.

2.      Assist to ensure STFR’s business operations are in full compliance with all rules and regulations, as well as professional standards and internal policies and procedures.

3.      Work closely with the internal teams and external parties to review, improve and implement the company business continuity plan.


Financial Perspective:

  • There can be cost implications due to operation failure and risk incidents (the amount depends

on the incidents)


1.    Risk Management

  • Assist to review, improve and implement the enterprise risk management framework and policy and ensure annual declaration of risk by all divisions are carried out and consistent with the framework and industry best practices.
  • Collaborate with all divisions and clients’ entities, if applicable in conducting risk activities and assist to consolidate and analyse risks events and key risk indicators
  • Maintain all risk related documents
  • Involved in the research and recommend improvements to risk management policy, methodologies and control procedures to measure and control operational risks
  • Support the coordination and preparation for management reporting including Audit Risk Committee (ARC)
  • Develop and coordinate risk management training and awareness programs

2.    Compliance Management

  • Assist to monitor the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, compliance with procedures and regulations, and timely remediation of deficiencies.
  • Support in managing the company’s compliance with policies and risk appetite approved by ARC and Council/Board
  • Assist to ensure the company’s business operations are in full compliance with all rules and regulations, as well as professional standards and internal policies and procedures including the Anti-Bribery Corruption policy and guideline.
  • Maintain compliance related documents

3.    Business Continuity Management (BCP)

  • Assist to review, improve and implement company-wide business continuity management plan
  • Assist in handling the whole spectrum of BCP initiatives and programs
  • Facilitate and validate divisions business impact analysis and analyse consolidated impact analysis to formulate the company’s business recovery strategies
  • Collaborate with senior management in all lines of business in conducting BCP activities
  • Assist to consolidate and analyse BCP reports for management reporting
  • Co-develop, implement and maintain relevant BCP related documents
  • No. of direct report: 1
  • No. of subordinate: 0
  • Increasing risk internally and externally that will impact the risk landscape of the company
  • Upskilling own skills and knowledge with adequate business operations and soft skills to meet the needs and expectations of the stakeholders


  • General Manager
  • Council
  • Board
  • CEOs
  • Internal and external users such as clients and their stakeholders
  • Tenants
  • Service Providers


Functional/ Technical

  • Problem and Incident Management
  • Business Analyst
  • Operational Risk Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Keep abreast of threats and understand the business impacts.
  • Response management processes and recovery plans for detecting, identifying, analysing and reporting of incidents to ensure timely identification of threats and implementation of  proactive and corrective actions.


  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Team Collaboration
  • Self Confidence
  • Drive Performance Excellence
  • Integrated Thinking
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Meticulous and analytical
  • A logical thinker
  • Demonstrate effective in timely, concise, audience-appropriate communication both written and verbal


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience of Operational Risk and/or Business Continuity Management


  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Business / Operations Management or Certification in Risk Management Qualification

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